Your network is down, instead of calling a technician to come onsite, you can use our remote IT services to have the problem fixed as soon as it arises.  Remote Services is a convenient way to temporarily allow a highly trained tech connect with your and your computer without ever leaving the office or house.  This allows you to save time and money by quickly and affordably resolving your computer issues. 

VoIP easily and seamlessly connects employees, customers and applications to improve business performance for enterprises across the globe. Call for your free quote and to sign up for your VoIP system today!


Give your small and medium businesses and homes the security it needs.  From antivirus and spyware protection to data transaction and file server security.  Our antivirus has all the features you need to survive the current cyber threats.

OCS offers training, without it you have lost part of your return in your investment.  We want your employees to take full advantage of being self sufficient with the tools they have at their fingertips.  We offer one on one or group training sessions to fit the needs of your business.

Do you need a website?  We can build it for you or help you design your very own! 

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     Mobile compatible
     Business e-mail
     Custom & unique designs to choose from

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Remote IT Services

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Backup & disaster recovery

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OCS will assess, plan and design the right infrastructure for your business needs. We document your technology infrastructure from your server down to remote access and everything in between.

Data loss can be devastating for a business of any size. Due to hardware failure, breach or fire, the loss can cost you time and money.  Disaster recovery is one of the most important parts that some overlook.  No matter how careful you are at using your computer sometimes you may delete a file, lose e-mails, come victim to ransomware or your computer crashes and you haven't saved your work. We can help you in planning for these emergencies.
We will provide you with the peace of mind you need by backing up your data so that it is easily retrievable in the event of a loss.

With years of experience in the IT business, we know what products and services work well together. We install and configure your existing or new hardware and software properly and have it working together efficiently and effectively. 
If your business is using old outdated equipment, and or cables your business could suffer. We are certified Dell partners and re-sellers and have experience to get you the most out of your new equipment.